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Our company has served you since its inception. It has adopted the concept of creating a transparent, direct, simple and reliable contact area between e-commerce stores and buyers, and has become the preferred e-commerce site with these values that it adheres to.

www.worldplase.com differentiates itself from its competitors by hosting a wide variety of sites that operate in all areas of e-commerce, offering the most reasonable solutions for needs and expectations, without violating the logic of providing the best possible service.

While www.worldplase.com demonstrates a dynamic position with its innovative structure and ever-expanding content, it offers an intense trading volume for both business owners and clients, which is the inevitable result of this position.

Within the framework of the rules specified in the membership agreement www.worldplase.com:

It provides its corporate members with the ability to manage virtual stores, publish campaigns and opportunities, and provide services and product advertising along with the end user.

its registered partners; It offers the ability to access the most accurate and up-to-date campaigns, make comparisons between shopping sites, and access news and shopping tips from a single point.


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