Oxygen Bleach 1000 gr TAZA 001

Kod: TZ-0001

Brand: TAZA

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Characteristics and description
Manufacturer country
Stain remover
Fragrance type
No fragrance
Feature of the product
Oxygen bleach stain remover TAZA
TAZA is a unique oxygen bleach and stain remover! Which every housewife should have. You can save all your favorite things with one remedy. With Taza, discolored, yellowed white and colored clothes get a new look without harming the fabric. You will be 100% satisfied with the result!

Taza is 100% sodium percarbonate. You can find a lot of information about him. It is produced under different brands, the composition is 1 in 1 and, accordingly, the results are the same.

There are a lot of foreign brands of oxygen bleach in the Kazakhstan market. Ours is several times cheaper than imported ones, since we are local.

To work with Taza, you need hot water and a love of cleanliness!

Range of action:


Soaking, washing and bleaching
Removing stains
Cleaning carpets and upholstery
Washing kitchen surfaces and dishes
Cleaning cups and teapots from tea/coffee deposits
Treatment of the interior of refrigerators
Processing kitchen and cutting boards
Washing tiles in the bathroom
Removing mold from tiles, seams, walls
Processing of garden wooden and plastic furniture
Processing of wooden floorings
Removing moss and algae from paving stones, roofing, and brickwork
General house cleaning

Product price : 7.50 USD

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