Sachiko Diapers S/ 4-9 kg Pack of 76 pcs.

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Brand: Sachiko

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Sachiko diapers are distinguished by excellent absorbency, softness and excellent breathability. The entire diaper is covered with tiny pores, allowing evaporation to escape, and thanks to the internal porous layer, which allows 3 times more air to pass through, the diaper does not stick to the baby’s delicate skin and holds loose stools well, protecting the skin from irritation. - M 4-9 kg 76pcs; - time of absorption of liquid into the diaper is 1 second; - a bright indicator strip indicates the need to change the diaper; - can stay on the child for up to 12 hours, thanks to the large volume of absorbed liquid; - stay dry for as long as possible thanks to the wide, full-length ADL layer,which quickly absorbs and distributes liquid, holding it securely inside; - the inner surface is soft and pleasant to the touch. The applied cream-balm additionally cares for the baby’s delicate skin.

Product price : 13.30 USD

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