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Among the socks models that women use most in daily life, there are socket socks models. Socket socks have thin ones and textile ones. Thin-socket socks can be easily worn under narrow-leg trousers, while they can also be worn with flats and closed-toe heels. If you have flat shoes or shoes that hurt your feet, you can make your feet comfortable by wearing thin socket socks in daily life. Socket socks with pompoms are one of the most preferred by women. Many women prefer to wear socket socks in daily life and while doing sports. Socket socks are generally made of cotton fabrics, so they absorb the sweat of the feet. Keeping the feet sweaty for a long time is extremely unhealthy as it will lead to the formation of bacteria and fungus. Especially in the winter season, there are woolen pantyhose and opaque pantyhose among the socks models most used by women. Wool tights protect the legs and waist against the cold weather of winter. Women who like to wear skirts and dresses in winter prefer opaque pantyhose. Opaque socks have thickness ratios expressed as "Den". If you want your pantyhose to look like tights, 120 Den pantyhose will be suitable for you. On the other hand, nude tights are the savior of women in almost every situation. With their thin structure, they give women's legs a smooth appearance. Knee socks are worn under dresses and skirts. Since pantyhose cause sweating and odor formation in hot weather, most of the women prefer to use laptop socks. Knee high socks help women to be very comfortable during the day as they allow to breathe comfortably. There are also garter socks among the laptop socks models. Since garter stockings are generally used for fantasy, they are produced in quite different designs.


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