Transparent intelligent power failure (36W) DATA CABLE CL 1

Kod:  6970791126972


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Transparent intelligent power failure (36W)
1. 48 Braided, zinc alloy transparent LED light intelligent power off
2. Length 1.2M
3. 178 galvanized copper wires, three times injection coated with zinc alloy
4. 8P integrated extension fixed plug, the maximum current of the grid 36W

1 Intelligent shutdown to prevent overcharging

Automatic shutdown when fully charged.

Ensures quiet charging throughout the night.

2. 36 W high current

Charge 72% in 30 minutes

Fast, full charge with 36W charger

No more waiting for long periods of time to charge

3 Powerful inner core protects the safety of your phone

Equipped with a new intelligent chip that protects against overcharging.

Safe and stable without harming your devices.

4 Thickened wicker

protection to prevent breakage

The pass-through mesh tail wraps around the cable,

so don't worry about breakage.

Thickened and durable mesh tail

Extended mesh tail. Anti-breakage

5 Fine braided nylon cable that won't crack.

The use of expensive precision technology for delicate

nylon braid technology gives the data cable. a durable appearance.

Interwoven double strands.

36 W

High strength nylon fibre.

6 Equipped with four thickened cores, fully charged in only 1 hour.

Adopting new wire core specification. Easily withstands

high current. Eliminates battery worries.

7 Overcharge protection! Stops when full

Ultra fast charging data cable

Night charging Elf

400% acceleration

8 Better than the original super fast charger

36 W speeds up 400%

36 W

Fast charging cable

date cable Your Elf Night Charging

Product price : 5.53 USD

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